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Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints

Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints

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ISBN 9787810107037
Publisher Publishing House of Shanghai University of TCM
Publication Date Printed 2004
Pages 183 pages, hardcover
Product Dimensions 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches
Language English, Chinese




English-Chinese Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints
Compiler-in-Chief: Yan Zhenguo
Published by Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2004
Hardcover, 889mm x 1194mm, 183 pages
ISBN 7810107038

About the Atlas:

        This color photographic Atlas depicts acupoints on the human body in various postures, acupoints along the fourteen meridians or regional acupoints on the head, neck, trunk and extremities, sectional figures of commonly used acupoints, stratified structural figures of acupoints and their clinical application, some CT scintigrams of acuppoints, microstructure of acupoints, various receptors of acupoints and histochemical changes of acupoints.

        This Atlas has accurately described the structural features and location of acupoints, needling techniques, indication, procedure of insertion and the important internal organs around. It has also labeled the depth, direction and angle of needling.

        This Atlas is helpful for acupuncturists, teachers and students in TCM colleges and those who study acupuncture and moxibustion by themselves in and outside of China.


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