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Atlas of Therapeutic Motion for Treatment and Health

Atlas of Therapeutic Motion for Treatment and Health

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ISBN 9780835123068
Publisher Foreign Languages Press
Publication Date January, 1989
Pages 173 pages, hardcover
Product Dimensions 10 x 7.5 x 0.8 inches
Language English




Book title: Atlas of Therapeutic Motion for Treatment and Health -A Guide to Traditional Chinese Massage and Exercise Therapy
Chief Editor: Sun Shuchun
Language: English
Published by Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1989
Hardcover, size 787 x 1092mm, pages 173 with color illustration
ISBN 711900719x 0835123065

This book gives a detailed, step-by-step introduction to traditional Chinese massage and exercise therapy designed to teat a wide variety of muscle and bone ailments and generally improve the health. Illustrated with 499 color photos, the book is easy to follow for laymen and a good training manual for medical workers. It introduces ancient, completely natural methods of massage that have been developed and improved upon over the centuries and found effective for treating injuries, dislocated joints, arthritis, stiffness and spasms, and many other painful afflictions. Even healthy people will find the massage soothing and comfortable.

The Atlas ends with a section detailing a series of gentle exercises that tone the muscles and lubricate the joints and are simple to learn by following descriptions and photos.

The Atlas, written by a team headed by the prominent doctor of orthopaedics and traumatology Sun Shuchun, fills a need for natural, good health. Until recently, massage therapy was one of China's best-kept secrets. This Atlas is the most readable guide yet to this age-old branch of the health sciences. Dr Sun has clinical and teaching experiences of more than twenty years in these fields, and has formed a technique of his own by combining Western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine. He is also the editor of two journals Chinese Orthopaedics and Traumatology and Orthopaedics and Traumatology in China, and author of Muscle and Bone Injuries, My Approach to Neck Bone Injury.


The Basic Methods of Therapeutic Massage
Localized Treatments: the head and facial regions, the thoracic region, lower back pain, the shoulder region, the elbow region, the wrist region, the hip and thigh region, the knee and leg region, the ankle and the foot
Exercise Therapy: exercises for the neck, exercises for the upper back, exercises for the lumbar region, functional exercise for the shoulders, exercises for the elbow, exercises for the wrist and hand, exercises for the hip region, exercises for the knee, exercises for the ankles


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