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Hand Acupuncture Therapy

Hand Acupuncture Therapy

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ISBN 9787119031682
Publisher Foreign Language Press
Publication Date January 2002
Pages 156 pages, paperback
Product Dimensions 7.7 x 5.4 x 0.4 inches
Language English




Book title:

Hand Acupuncture Therapy
Written by Qiao Jinlin, translated into English by Wang Tai
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 2002
Language: English
Paperback 7.7 x 5.4 inches, 156 pages
ISBN: 7119031686
ISBN: 9787119031682

The hand acupuncture therapy as a treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion applied to hand for general diseases of the body was in vogue in recent years. Human hand is closely related to internal organs, meridians, qi and blood. The acupoints of 14 meridians and extra acupoints discovered in past successive dynasties and the effective spots developed in modern times are distributed an the hand. In this book the acupoints and their usage for diseases of different medical branches were discussed as a reference for clinical application of acupuncture physicians and amateurs.

Hand acupuncture therapy consists of two procedures: Diagnosis, through observing the hand; and treatment, through applying acupuncture and massage. This book describes in detail the principles of hand acupuncture therapy, the location of the hand acupuncture points, hand observation diagnosis and the clinical application of hand acupuncture therapy for some common diseases. This book, dealing with an important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, stresses the practical application of the subject.


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