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jin suo gu jing wan (Energexin Extract)
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jin suo gu jing wan (Energexin Extract)

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Manufacturer Product of China
Brand Lanzhou Traditional Herbs
Type concentrated pill
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This is a patent remedy based on the ancient recipe "Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan" (Golden Lock Pill for Preserving Kidney Essence) in TCM originally appeared in Yifang Jijie (Variorum of Prescriptions), which is used to arrest spontaneous discharge of sperms on the one hand, and invigorate kidney-yang on the other hand, working on both the primary and secondary aspects of the disease with stress laid on astringing nocturnal seminal emission, so this recipe is named the Golden Lock.

Flat-stem milkvetch(seed)
Euryale (seed)
Sacred lotus (seed)
Concha Ostreae (shell)
Os Draconis(fossil)
Cherokee rose (fruit)
Cynomorium (fleshy stem)
Sacred lotus (stamen)

Actions: Invigorates the Kidney yang and qi, stabilize the essence.

Main indications: Specific for helping the male sexual dysfunctions such as nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation due to weak kidneys. (less useful in spermatorrhea due to liver fire). Useful in ejaculation control (daoist sexual practices). Also useful as an astringent for leukorrhea (vaginal discharge), excessive sweating, and diarrhea.*

Directions: Take 15 pills each time, 3 times a day with warm water.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:jin suo gu jing wan

主要成分:沙苑子、芡实、莲须、龙骨、牡蛎、莲子 。



Product label: Energexin Extract
Chinese common name: Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan
Packing: 200 concentrated pills / bottle
Manufactured by Lanzhou Traditional Herbs, China


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