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tao hong si wu tang (Peony & Walnut Combo Decoction)
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tao hong si wu tang (Peony & Walnut Combo Decoction)

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Manufacturer Product of China
Brand Modernized Ancient Recipe
Type capsule
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This is a patent herbal remedy based on the classical recipe Tao Hong Si Wu Tang (Four-Ingredient Decoction with Persicae and Carthami, Peach Seed and Safflower Decoction of Four Ingredients) in TCM originally appeared in Yi Zong Jin Jian (Golden Mirror of Medicine), which is primarily used to nourish blood, promote blood circulation and dispel blood stasis, for preceded menstrual cycle, menorrhagia with purple in color, ropy, or with some masses, abdominal pain and distension. As the typical formula for syndrome of blood deficiency with blood stasis, it has great broader scope of application to traumatic disorders and dermatic diseases.

English walnut
Safflower flower
Ligusticum wallichii rhizome
Chinese Peony root
Dong Quai root
Rehmannia cured root tuber

Actions: activate blood, disperse stagnation, regulate qi and dredge collaterals. Emmenagogue: regulates menstruation, improves circulation, stops pain, relieves mild stagnation in the uterus.

Indications: Used for blood deficiency with mild blood stagnation patterns affecting the uterus or other structures of the lower jiao, especially mild dysmenorrhoea, irregular menstruation or infertility associated with fibroids, endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage or cysts. Also used for fracture in the early stage, pain and swelling; post traumatic stress syndrome, long term emotional repression and turmoil. The rational here is that severe or prolonged stress or emotional trauma causes qi stagnation and eventual blood stagnation. Also used for mild circulatory disorders, varicose veins, spider veins, chronic phlebitis, purplish discoloration of the limbs, numbness or tingling of the extremities.

It is applicable to erythema nodosum, repeated seizure of nodes in dark red or purple red color, spontaneous pricking pain; seminal vesiculitis, syndrome of blood stasis in the lower energizer, long duration, sperm in dark red color, coffee color or mixed with blood clots, accompanied by pricking pain in the perineum and lower abdomen, painful ejaculation, purple tongue, or tongue with purple spots and hesitant pulse; thromboangiitis boliterans; chronic nephritis due to obstruction of blood stasis; acute mastitis pertaining to heat accumulation and stagnation syndrome, which is mostly seen in those with constant mass formed by application of large dosage of antibiotics in the treatment of acute mastitis, manifested by stiff and hard mass in the breast, unsmooth lactation, insidious pain, purple dark tongue, thin and whitish coating, and wiry pulse; psoriasis, thick papules with dark red color lasting for long duration.

Applicable to trauma of nose, pain due to blood stasis and swelling, swelling of nose, subcutaneous cyanosis, marked pain and tenderness, subcutaneous cyanosis and swelling of the socket of eyeball and eyelid also seen in severe cases, deep red tongue or with the purpura, whitish thin fur, taut and tense pulse; injury of collateral ligament of knee joint; meniscus injury of knee joint; neck sprain and contusion; cervical spondylopathy; lumbar sprain and contusion; lumbar strain; piriform muscle syndrome; spinal canal stenosis of lumbar vertebrae; prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc; epiphysitis of tibial tuberosity.*

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules each time, two times daily.
Caution: Do not use if pregnant. Contraindicated in women with menorrhagia without dark blood or clotting. Some women will experience heavier periods once as the stagnation is moved.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

汉语拼音:tao hong si wu tang




桃红四物汤顾名思义是在四物汤为基础上加入桃仁、红花,四物即熟地黄、当归、白芍、川芎,根据宋代的《太平惠民和剂局方》记载,四物汤具有补血和血功能,治 冲任虚损,月经不调,脐腹疼痛,崩中漏下,血瘕积块,时发疼痛,妊娠胎动不安,血下不止,及产后恶露不下,结生瘕聚,少腹坚痛,时作寒热。全方补血而不 滞,行血而无破血之忧,补中有散,散中有收,是治营血虚瘀症之基础方,据今已经有1000多年的临床使用历史。桃红四物汤因加入桃仁、红花较四物汤更侧重 于活血化瘀,根据清代《医宗金鉴·妇科心法要诀》记载,桃红四物汤具有活血养血、祛瘀调经功能,治疗月经不调,痛经,经前腹痛,或经行不畅而有血块,色紫 暗,或血瘀而致的月经过多,淋漓不尽等症。


中医临床常用桃红四物汤经加减配伍首乌、郁金等药 物,用来治疗黄褐斑、头晕、失眠、体虚乏力、月经不调、痛经、胸痹证、乳房肿块等各种妇科疾病,疗效显著。采用桃红四物汤对治疗输卵管阻塞不孕症、产后缺 乳也有较好的疗效。经现代药理学研究证明,桃红四物汤还具有镇静止痛、改善血液流变性,防止血栓形成,抑制血小板凝集,改善血液循环,抗菌消炎、促进炎症 渗出物的吸收等药理作用。

桃红四物汤是中医伤科用活血化瘀法治疗骨折的基本方。中医治疗骨折以活血祛瘀、行气止痛为主,只有促进局部循环的改善,使局部血管循环系统恢复,排除有害 刺激物质,才能调节机体尽快地通过早期病理过程,达到解除症状、促进愈合的目的。桃红四物汤能明显改善骨折早期疼痛、肿胀等症状,同时对瘀斑、局部压痛、 功能障碍等体征亦有加速恢复的作用。桃红四物汤对疼痛、肿胀改善的效果最显著。


Product label: Peony & Walnut Combo Decoction
(formerly Menstro Ease Decoction)
Chinese common name: Tao Hong Si Wu Tang
Packing: 60 capsules per bottle
Origin: Made in China


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